California Probate Fee Calculator

Statutory Executor Commissions and Attorney’s Fees

The administration of a decedent’s estate in California can often be very expensive because ordinary compensation to the Personal Representative (e.g., Executor or Administrator) and the Attorney for the Personal Representative is based on the value of assets in the decedent’s estate that are subject to probate administration (including the gross value of real estate, investments, bank accounts, business interests, and personal property). 

If extraordinary services are rendered by the Personal Representative and/or Attorney, the probate court may grant extraordinary fees in addition to the statutory fees. Below is a probate fees calculator based on the formula set forth in California’s probate code. Please note that this California probate calculator is for the sole purpose of calculating ordinary commissions and fees; extraordinary fees are fully discretionary with the court.

The formula used for this California probate fee calculator is explained below. (Note that retirement accounts and life insurance policies with beneficiary designations and assets owned by a trust are generally not subject to probate administration and should not be factored in when using this California probate attorney fee calculator.)

Probate Fee Calculator

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*This probate fee calculator is for informational purposes only, and it may not be relied on in place of legal advice.
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