Estate Planning Testimonials

Estate Planning for a Lifetime®.

“We are so very thankful to Tali Klapach for all that she did to make our estate planning experience smooth, informative and enjoyable. We previously had a “cookie-cutter” will with no trust and knew that we were not doing all that we could to protect our children and our assets. Tali explained our options in a way that was easy to understand and helped us make the right combination of estate planning choices for our family. Not only do we have a full estate plan to cover our future, but Tali created documents that facilitate our family emergency plan and can be used by our babysitter. We highly recommend Tali to anyone who needs an estate plan.”
– Michael & Christia Karp

“Tali made what we thought would be a painful experience very easy. After unsuccessfully searching for an attorney we wanted to work with for over a year, we eventually found Tali and chose her to create a will and trust for our family based on her credentials, a recommendation from a friend, and her pleasant demeanor. Tali exceeded our expectations. She was thorough, flexible, knowledgeable, and professional. She answered all of our questions and clearly explained a complicated subject while providing us with smart advice and a manageable timetable. We highly recommend her to anyone seeking estate planning services.”

– Todd & Michelle Beiley

“Frankly, we had talked about the need to work with an estate planner when we got married in 1999, but it took us almost ten years and two young children to make it happen. Our thinking was “Nothing bad will happen to one of us” and we consistently put it on the back burner. But when we brought two darling daughters into this world, we could not overlook how irresponsible it would be to leave our children without a guide should one or both of us leave this world unexpectedly. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have our estate in order. Tali translated the “legalese” into digestible bits of wholesome food for thought. She was thorough and sensitive to our individual positions and concerns. Tali made the experience more than bearable. The final product brought us a sigh of relief. We will always try to be the best parents we can be for our children, and our estate plan ensures that we can continue to care for our children, even after we are gone. The truth is it’s the smart thing to do for your family’s emotional and financial wellbeing. The process is relatively easy and inexpensive when you consider the end cost emotionally and financially of not doing it.”

– Loren Schiavone & Jim Dunton

“As new parents, we knew we should be getting an estate plan together in case anything were to happen to us, but thought the process would be long and complicated. Working with Tali Klapach was quick and simple. She has an intimate knowledge of the field and great experience. She pays close attention to detail and because of her experience, and the fact that she takes the time to truly understand your family situation and concerns, she creates an organic, living document that is personal to you – not just a form agreement with names plugged in. Because Tali is so friendly and knowledgeable, we have recommended her to all of our friends, and continue to use her for on-going advice and changes we may need from time to time.”

– Tina Lynam and Sanjay Sharma

“In dealing with a difficult topic, Tali’s expansive knowledge and insightful questions helped my husband and I to painlessly create an estate plan that will take care of our family long after we’re gone.”

– Alison Sideris & Mike Schwab

“We were so pleased with Tali. She truly offers a special service. Estate Planning can be daunting and overwhelming. However, Tali made the experience pleasurable because she was so patient and thorough in answering all of our questions. We always looked forward to our consultations and meetings with her. Going through this process with someone as thoughtful and experienced as Tali definitely assured us in knowing that our family is taken care of. She really takes the time to show and explain all of the estate planning options which are specific to your family situation. As your estate planning attorney, Tali will have your family’s best interests in mind and knowing that will give you peace of mind.”

– Jack and Juliet Burton

“After we had our first child, we realized the importance of having an estate plan in place in case anything happened to us. Tali helped us crystallize our thoughts about guardianship into a coherent estate plan. Tali was professional, thoughtful and responsive – we thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”

– Diana Hu & Andy Song

“Working with Tali on our estate plan was truly a pleasure. We had put off doing it for so long — fearing a long, complicated and expensive process. But Tali made it fast, easy and affordable. She explained everything in simple, straightforward terms and always made herself available to answer our questions — even ones she had answered several times already. She also took the time to get to know our family so that we ended up with an estate plan that was right for us.”

– Jessica Aronoff & Larry Sher

“My wife and I just had our first child so we thought it the best time to establish our Estate Plan. Even though we are located hundreds of miles away in Northern California, we felt comfortable moving forward with Tali’s services. This was after having only one phone interview with Tali. We felt immediately comfortable with her professionalism and capabilities, and especially the fact that she does not “nickel & dime” her clients like some attorneys do with every e-mail and phone call. The experience has turned out to be very positive and successful. We found her to be extremely organized and succinct in explaining the many facets of estate planning (which can be numerous and confusing to say the least). She successfully guided us through the process and let us think about the different options available to us with clarity and empathy. The process was quick and efficient. We would recommend Tali’s services to anyone. She has great knowledge and is quick to answer any and all questions. We were very satisfied with the experience and look forward to a long term relationship.”

– Rick & Melinda
Silicon Valley Executive

“I just did my will and health care directive and guardianship papers, etc. with a lawyer, Tali Klapach, who posted her ad on Peachhead. I loved working with both her and her paralegal, Juliet. They were both incredibly knowledgeable, explained all of my decisions and their ramifications thoroughly, made really good suggestions, incorporated my specific wishes into good legal wording, and were kind, flexible, and a joy to work with. I felt like I was in really good hands, and I so highly recommend her!”

– Julie Gamberg

“Tali has been our estate lawyer since the birth of our first child. We cannot say enough about her. She has always been available, no question is too naïve, and has spent more time walking us thru various pieces of paper than I care to admit. The establishment of our will and trust has been, of course, the most responsible thing we have ever done for our family, and we wouldn’t think of trusting it to anyone else. She is the best for young families with limited expertise in this arena. And we just adore her.”

– Kathryn Hahn and Ethan Sandler